What is a Social Movement?

Directions: Answer each question thoroughly on your own notebook paper.

  1. Do an internet search for "what is a social movement". Describe what a social movement is on your notebook paper.

  2. Do an internet search for "current social movements". What kinds of social movements did you find? List 5 and thier goal. What are the methods each movement uses to achieve it's goals? Be Specific!

  3. Read the following article and answer the following questions | article | pics |
    1. What was the women's march about? Click on the link in the article! Write your answer.
    2. According to the article, how big was this demonstration? Include some data!
    3. List and describe each of the 5 ways people can enact change according to the article.
    4. Do you agree with the author? Do you think these activities actually work? Why or why not?