Guiding Questions:
How do people enact change upon society?

How have different groups within society expressed  voice and created change?

How have the protestors of the 60’s and 70’s influenced the workplace and economic opportunities of different ethnic  groups and women today?

Identify, describe, and evaluate 4 major social movements during the 1960’s.  Include the issues these movements confronted.  Describe the successes and failures of each, citing specific laws and societal change. Were these movements effective? why or why not?

State Content Standards

HS.1. Evaluate continuity and change over the course of world and United States history.

HS.2. Analyze the complexity and investigate causes and effects of significant events in world, U.S., and Oregon history.

HS.6. Analyze ideas critical to the understanding of history, including, but not limited to: populism, progressivism, isolationism, imperialism, communism, environmentalism, liberalism, fundamentalism, racism, ageism, classism, conservatism, cultural diversity, feminism, and sustainability.

HS.7. Analyze the history, culture, tribal sovereignty, and historical and current issues of the American Indian tribes and bands in Oregon and the United States.