Directions: Complete each activity on the same piece of notebook paper. You will turn in your answers for credit.

Social Change
Using the internet, answer the following questions

  1. What is the Beat Generation?
  2. What is a Beatnik? How did they dress? Find pictures! Search google images.
  3. How did the Beatniks challenge traditional values and the conformity of the 50's?
  4. Check this out! Beat slang and phrases - Write down 3 phrases you find interesting and why.

Counterculture - Examine the art, music and philosophy of the counterculture

  1. How did the word Hippie originate?
  2. How are the Beatniks of the 50's and the hippies of the 60's connected?
  3. What was the Summer of Love? Answer who, what, when, where, why... Use this site: or
  4. Check out some images: | pics | more pics |
  5. Hippie Slangggg... Check this out! Write down 3 phrases you find interesting and why. | hippie slang |

Far out, man! This is guaranteed to be a gas! Check this out.

  1. Explore Woodstock using this website: | Woodstock overview |
  2. What was Woodstock? Answer who, what, when, where and why?
  3. List some artists and bands that played in this concert? Anyone interesting to you? Can you find any of the music?

Writing Prompt:  Write one paragraph that addresses the following:
Imagine you are a young adult (17, 18, 19…) in the 60’s.  What lifestyle would you lead? How would you dress?  Would you participate in the youth movements?  Would you have supported the Vietnam War? Which one(s)?  Why / why not?  Would this be an interesting time to be a teenager?  Why or why not?