Water Quiz Topics:

  1. What is the overall issue with water for our planet?  Use water vocab to describe.
  2. Global water use.  Who/what uses most water?  (3 categories)
  3. Water Vocab:  scarcity, limited resource, delta, estuary, water supply vs. water demand, sustainability, aquifer, reservoir, xeriscaping, conservation
  4. Are humans achieving water sustainability?  Why or why not?  If not, how can they? 
  5. What happened to Colorado River Delta?  How is this an example of water completion? 
  6. How are the Colorado river delta and the Aral Sea water issues similar?  Different?
  7. Describe how humans use technology to help conserve water.
  8. How and why does water competition create conflict?  Give an example?
  9. What are the best water solutions? What will make the most impact?  Consider solutions for each:
  10. What can you personally do to conserve water?