Geography Current Events 1
Find a geography related current event and conduct a mini research project about your topic. Follow all steps below. Fill in your current event sheet from instructor.
  Current Event Handout - If you did not get this from instructor, download and print out. | current event sheet |
1) Choose an event. What is going on in the world right now that you are interested in? Examine world news headlines below and pick a topic:
  • National Geographic News | NGN |
  • National Public Radio World News | NPR |
  • Al Jazeera World News | AJN |
  • BBC World News | BBN |
  • NBC World News | NBC |

How do I find this stuff? I google search world news...

Write topic on your current event sheet


2) Research Topic and answer questions on current event sheet
  • Use relevant news and other informative web sites. - list your source (webpage adress) for each piece of info.
3) Turn in complete current event sheet into your period basket in classroom.