Honors Global Geography Course Overview 2017

Honors Global Geography is a one trimester course. The main purpose of the course is to examine the physical and cultural features of our planet and how geography influences our lives, while at the same time preparing students for the honors and Advanced Placement Social Studies track.  Honors Geography topics are aligned to the Oregon State Geography Standards and the Oregon State Common Core Literacy Standards.  Students will be challenged to employ a geographic way of thinking as they explore and evaluate fascinating landscapes, people, and the interaction of both across the globe. 

~Tools of geography:
  maps, technology, imagery  
~Geographic Perspective:
  viewing the world through the lens of a geographer
~Location and Place:
  describing “where” and “what” geographically
~Human/Environmental Interaction:
  how each influences the other  
  how movement of people and ideas have shaped our world
  the changing human demographics and impact on our world
~Geographic Problem Solving:
  real-world case studies and problem solving using geography

Geography Matters
The study of geography has many benefits.  That is why you have been studying it in virtually every grade across multiple classes since you entered school.  You will continue to do so throughout the rest of your high school career and perhaps well into college.  Not surprisingly, your study does not stop there.  An understanding of how the world works (or does not), in part demands a geographic perspective.  You will be acquiring, updating, changing, and reevaluating this throughout the rest of your life.  I believe we are all practicing geographers, constantly gathering information from the world around us to make the many decisions we are faced with each day.  It is my hope we can all agree, or come to agree, that geography matters.     

My Job:

  • To help you think “geographically”
  • Help you meet state and national standards measured by meeting proficiency on assignments, projects, tests, and quizzes
  • Create a productive and positive learning environment where you can further college, workforce, and societal skills

Your Job:

  • Complete all assigned tasks on time and to proficiency standard
  • Meet all 9th grade geography and social studies standards to proficiency
  • Show up to class on time daily, with all necessary materials, prepared and ready to work
  • Participate in your own learning: do what it takes to truly learn the material 
  • Do the best you can each and every day
  • Be respectful of self, each other, and instructor
  • Participate.  Participate.  PARTICIPATE!

All students shall arrive daily with the following:

  • Organized class notebook (all class work, instructor provided handouts, and journal)
  • writing utensil
  • necessary supplies required for projects

Other Policies:
1.  Bathroom Use: ask first, get agenda signed. Take care of business outside of class.
2.  NO FOOD:  Water only in a sealed container. 
3.  Clean up after yourself.  Make sure desks are in proper order before you leave.
4.  No headphones in class.  Cell phones off and put away unless told otherwise.  If they are out, I assume they are being used.


Students will earn points on a variety of projects, tests, quizzes, papers, and journals.   
Grade Scale:
A = 90% – 100%
B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79%
D = 60% - 69%
F = 0% - 59%

Help me, help you…

1.  If you need help, ask.  I won’t always know if you don’t tell me.
2.  If there is something I can do to make your learning experience more productive, tell me.
3.  If you need special accommodations, please let me know asap. 
4.  If you find something that may benefit the class, show me.  Students have great ideas.