Paragraph #1: Intro Paragraph
Your intro paragraph will have the following:

  1. Identify topic + location
  2. Brief overview of problem
  3. State that a solution is needed to deal with this problem or…? What will happen if nothing changes?
  4. Thesis statement

Thesis model:
The human-caused shrinking of the Aral Sea is a _______(type of problem: complex, difficult, important, catastrophic, dire…) problem____________ (impacting, affecting, harming, damaging…) the people of the Aral Sea region and will require a variety of solutions to fix.


Conclusion Paragraph
Your conclusion will include the following:

  1. Restate opinion: Something can be done to fix
  2. Sum up major points: how fix
  3. Clincher – future projection: If nothing is done… Let people know that these problems will not go away if nothing is done and in fact, will worsen.