Country Research Project
Research a country of your choice using the 5 Themes of Geography. You may not pick a country in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico)

Step 1: Pick a country for your project. You may not choose Mexico, Canada, or the U.S. How do I pick?

Step 2: Fill out the 5 themes research handout provided by instructor. Use the following link to find your facts for each theme. You may also do a google search to help you.

The World Fact Book:

Country Reports:

Encyclopedia Britannica:

Step 3: Additional Info: write in your journal
Research on google the following topics for your country:

Step 4: Create a google slide show for your information.| sample |

Slide Tips:

Final Checklist:

  1. Title Slide (photo + name of your country, your first and last name, period #)
  2. 5 theme slides (1 for each theme - name of theme + pic + 3 researched facts that fit theme.
  3. Additional Info Slide (step 3), title + pic + info
  4. Extra pics (only if you have time or want to) :)

Turn in your Slideshow

  1. Join google classroom for your class.
  2. Turn in your assignment through google classroom